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After a productive couple days…

not on the thesis front but on the life front, i’ve decided whole-heartedly to become a farmer. I’ve always loved working on the land and i think i’ve always known that its in my blood with the parents having been rice, tobacco and pig farmers back in Lao.

And OH MA GAWDD i love my CSA. Volunteering at Arc Acres just feels like home. Amber is a kick-ass gal running a 2 acre market farm on her own. We spent the entire time working and chatting about organic farming techniques, conspiracy theories, activism & change, the environment and our red-neck significant others. AAAAAAH and all the profanity- can’t wait to get back there!

Aand did i mention she has two little piglets?!?!? I almost shat myself laughing when one started peeing on the other ahahahahaha simple. I’m a simple girl.